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My name is George Mills, and I own and operate ‘A BETTER LOOK” home inspections. We are a full service, non invasive inspection company that prides itself on honest, thorough examinations of the property we are inspecting.

I have been in the production and custom home building industry for 37 years. Right after high school I took a job with a local builder where I spent the next 18 years as a framing subcontractor to some of the biggest developers in Southern California including Fieldstone Communities, The William Lyon Company and J.M. Peters.

I personally played a major role in the building of over 3000 homes all over Orange County and the Inland Empire, as well as many custom homes in the La Cresta, De Luz, and Temecula wine country.

Our Story

In 1993, I obtained my General Contractors license but remained working for others until I could establish myself and step out on my own. During the boom of the mid to late 1990’s to 2006, we had a great run in SW Riverside County. We even added a C-53, swimming pool license. With the down turn in the building industry, we needed to re-invent ourselves. So I turned to what I know best, helping others make wise choices and protecting them in advance. The logical step was home inspecting. As a contractor, we are always critiquing, fine tuning and inspecting.

Due to our wide service area we find many different issues due to the age of certain communities. From L.A. County and older O.C. and Inland Empire neighborhoods we find galvanized water pipes and cast iron waste and drains, but in newer areas we have copper and ABS. Today many of the new homes have what is called Aqua Pex water systems or non metallic plumbing. There is composition shingle or hot tar/rock roofs compared to the concrete tile in the Temecula/ Murrieta Valley. It is best to have an inspector that is knowledgeable in multiple aspects of the building codes and applications.

Why are inspections important? For the buyers protection. When just a quick, general over view of the property is done many small but important items can be overlooked. That is why you need to hire an inspector that is qualified and neutral, one that can inspect honestly, with out bias for either the buyer or seller. When we do an inspection we report the facts of the home as it sits on the day of the inspection.

We feel Placing Your Trust in A BETTER LOOK home inspections is one of the wisest moves you can make outside of choosing a Great R/E Agent and Lender. The home buying process can be stressful and emotional, make sure you surround yourself with knowledgeable, competent people to help guide you through the process.

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Whether you are a home buyer or seller, we are ready to inspect your home and provide a report on the condition of your valuable asset.

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A BETTER LOOK is a full service, non-invasive inspection company. We serve the entire Inland Empire as well as San Diego and Orange Counties, we even go up into the High Desert-LA County and as far away as Calabasas!
We examine all of the major operating systems with in the home such as the Plumbing,Electrical, HVAC and the Structure. 


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