Pools and Spas

pools and spasNatural gas pool and spa heaters use less energy and heat water faster than electric heaters. You can help save on energy costs by following a few simple steps.

Energy Conservation Tips

  • Lower the pool or spa heater’s temperature setting. Install a time clock to pre-set and minimize heating hours.
  • Keep your spa or pool covered when not in use. Well-fitted pool and spa covers help prevent heat loss for energy savings of up to 50%.
  • Consider purchasing a solar pool cover. It uses the sun to heat the water’s surface.
  • Reduce pool filtering and automatic pool sweep time to a minimum, and schedule it for “off-peak” hours (before noon and after 6:00 p.m.).
  • To help maintain pool heating efficiency, follow a regular program of preventive maintenance, including an annual inspection and de-liming of the heat exchanger.
  • Check the accuracy of your spa’s thermostat. An inaccurate thermostat can cost you hundreds of dollars each year.

Pool Filtering
Pools need to be filtered. How long you should filter your pool depends on:

  • The pool size.
  • The filtering equipment.
  • How much you use the pool.
  • Different environmental factors (such as how much sunlight hits the pool).
  • Keep in mind that the more you use your pool, the more filtering it will need.

Pool Covers
You can save up to 50% on pool heating costs by using a pool cover. Pool covers help prevent chemical loss and water evaporation.
There are two types of pool covers:

  • Thermal/opaque covers help prevent heat and water loss. If left on during the day, they also transmit some heat to the pool.
  • Solar covers help transmit heat to your pool from sunlight. They also help prevent heat and water loss.

When shopping for a pool cover, be sure to check the durability, warranty, insulation value and safety features, as well as the price. If you have small children, be sure to choose a cover that will prevent them from being trapped underneath it.

Pool Heaters and Timers
Pool heaters expand pool usage by extending swimming hours in the day and swimming months in the year. Energy-efficient natural gas pool heaters use less energy than electric heaters and cost less to operate.

A filter time clock is an easy way to manage pool filtering. Check your clock’s instruction manual for directions on setting the operation times.

Appliance Selection Tips
When its time to replace your old pool motor and pump assembly, consider a new energy-efficient model to help save on pool filtering costs.
Consider purchasing a cover for your spa or pool. Covers are worthwhile investments that help reduce operating costs.
Read our tips on selecting a qualified contractor to install or repair your spa or pool.

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